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Alex Schremp - Principal/Owner

Having over 35 years of experience in the auto industry, with a passion for interesting collectable, exotic, luxury vehicles, boats, and aircraft. Having consulted, and sold almost every kind of new & used, and classic vehicle. From a simple pre-owned car, to the highest end Porsche's, Ferrari's, McLarens and alike, we are well suited in finding your automotive solution. With years of catering to a nationwide client base from celebrities, dignitaries and business people, makes us the trusted resource. Please consider contacting our staff with any questions regarding your next trade, purchase, consignment or service/maintenance questions. We pride ourselves on providing a discreet tailored experience to our clients.

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Carmen Schremp - Boutique Manager

Growing up around cars, Carmen is familiar, and always working on obtaining new industry knowledge.  She is continually working to improve Autohändler's client experiences. Working primarily in a managment/support role and in the sales/marketing side of the business. She is passionate about all things style. Carmen has a natural eye for new trends, bringing a fresh customer focused experience to each interaction, contact Carmen today about any of your automotive needs.Carmen Schremp 



Alan Pflaum - Sales/Marketing Manager 

Alan has grown up enjoying all things automotive, and is very familiar with what it takes to exceed client expectations. Working sales/marketing side of the business. He has a natural eye for vehicle condition as it relates to value. Alan brings focused experience to each interaction, and has a great knowledge of todays market conditions.  Contact Alan today about any of your consignment/sales questions.

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Ed Feiteira - Service Manager/Lead Technician

Since Ed was old enough to walk he was spending time in his uncles repair shop on Maui where he was born and raised. So began his love affair with all things mechanical. Ed likes things to work properly and loves making cool things cooler and fast things faster!

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Brennan Dufek - Technician/Body Wiring

Growing up in the garage, building and fixing anything with an engine quickly became one of Brennan’s passions. Over the years that passion grew to cover every square inch of a vehicle. Whether it be engine work, electrical work, or making a vehicle look it’s absolute best, Brennan has the knowledge and respect to care for your vehicle.

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Pablo - Head of Security

The newest addition to our Autohändler team, Pablo was recently rescued/adopted by Carmen as our head of security. Pablo ensures that security measures are properly implemented, trains and educates staff/personnel of proper security protocols, and develops processes to limit risk and limit liability at Autohändler.