This clean low mile example boasts a plethora of desirable after market nuggets, including... Oz wheels, Scotts steering damper and upper triple clamp open billet clutch cover with 999 clutch plates carbon heel guards on billet rearsets sil motor carbon exhaust billet clutch slave and carbon front fender.


The Ducati 916 managed to achieve something very few other bikes have ever managed – it transcended the boundaries of the market and gained universal recognition and praise from both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike. It is this fact that makes the 916 such a standout motorcycle and was a major reason for its iconic status.

Fashions change, but riding a Ducati 916 remains a very special experience, whereas taking to the roads on other 1990s machinery can be a distinct disappointment. The focused riding position is uncomfortable at slow speed and the clutch horribly heavy, but up the pace and it all makes sense as your knees slot under the recesses in the tank, and hanging off for bends becomes second nature. The handling isn’t as razor-sharp as a modern sportsbike when it comes to initial turn-in, but get the Ducati over and it tracks beautifully and feels rock-solid mid-corner.