-Modify and Repair Air Bag Suspension Installation

-Design and Install New Shock Absorber Installation

-Design and Install Rear Suspension Limits

-Install New Exhaust System Components



-Design, Fabricate and Install New Padded Dash Assembly

-Repair/Refurbish Painted Dash and Door Components

-Design, Fabricate and Install Custom Door Speaker Enclosures

-Install New Walnut Dash and Door Panel Inserts

-Fabricate and Install New Carpet and Pad

-Repair/Refurbish New Headliner

-Repair/Refurbish All Electric Window Mechanisms



-Design, Fabricate and Install Air Powered Train Horns System

-Design, Fabricate and Install Dual Battery System with Isolator

-Design, Fabricate and Install Remote Air Ride Controls

-Design, Fabricate and Install Remote Air Horn Controls

-Install Frame "Spark Blocks"

-Design, Fabricate and Install Custom Trunk Sound and Air System

-Repair Body and Refinish Complete in Hot-Rod Black

-Repair and Refinish Exterior Bright Trim in Gloss Black

-Install Custom Steel Wheels and Tires


Engine Compartment

-Install Dual Battery Isolator System

-Install New Rotary AC System

-Remove Engine and Transmission

-Replace All Engine Gaskets and Detail Complete

-Refresh Transmission

-Reinstall Refreshed Engine and Transmission Assembly

-Rebuild Carburetor and Tune-Up Complete

-Install New Hood Insulation

-Detail Engine Compartment Complete

1961 Lincoln Continental




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