Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Having Paint Protection Film installed on the front end of your car has become very popular over the years as a way to protect your delicate paint from rock chips, and damage caused by environmental contaminants. At Autohändler, we offer customized installation services featuring products from XPEL Ultimate, 3M, or SunTek. The clear, durable film is applied to the painted surfaces to act as an invisible barrier to protect it from the elements.

Just like detailing services, there is a wide variety of skill levels and quality of service when it comes to the installation of Paint Protection Film... not all jobs are the same! We apply the same attention to detail when applying Paint Protection Film as we do with our detailing services, so you know right away that you’re receiving a very high quality product and service.

Whether you drive an Acura, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or anything in between... contact us about a Paint Protection Film installation to suit your needs.

  • Full front-end coverage (full hood, fenders, bumper, and mirrors)

  • Partial front-end coverage (half-hood and fenders, bumper, and mirrors)

  • Front bumper only

  • Custom installs and pieces available (rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights, etc)



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